Strict female domination in family

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Being a proponent for female led relationships, I cannot imagine a family where minor children would be participants in the lifestyle between their parents or step parents. My wife came from a home with an abusive father and when her first husband began to physically abuse her and her daughter she set him up with some illegal porn, got him arrested, divorced him and got nearly all of his money! I am a slave of my wife and her friends…I have a foot fetish. I have been very disturbed by people who say otherwise. Take some time off, try to get away to live on your own for a while. Do you think that your new wife and her daughters should have complete control of running all family affairs? I have dreamed of this kind of life for as long as I can remember.

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They made him beg for that bottle.

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Partnership v. Domination Patterns

Assholes cum filled guy. This is an interesting subject. It was amazing how that nipple brought him to his knees. I am a slave of my wife and her friends…I have a foot fetish. I once had a comic with this same theme, a guy marries a beautiful dominant lady who has a daughter and the two of them soon have him dressed in female clothing consisting mostly of garterbelt, hose and heels and a very short dress. I am often astonished at how some young and even preteen girls understand the idea of male submission, humiliation, and punishment.

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strict female domination in family
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strict female domination in family
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