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Been in this body a long time, yet I still have trouble figuring out the difference between period cramps or do I have to poop pains. Sometimes getting my period feels like the universe's way of saying "You definitely shouldn't fuck that guy. It feels like that. The vaginal opening and vagina are not at all like the bladder and urethra and therefore, a period is not like urinating in any way. Sexual Health Understanding the Male Climax Although it seems simple enough, the male orgasm is actually a complex process. Here's the naked truth.

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What does period blood smell like?

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18 Funny Tweets About Being on Your Period

What does period blood smell like? TMI, but you did ask. Also, since the uterine lining is basically shredding itself to bits and falling out there can occasionally be some pretty big clots. On the one hand getting your period sucks but on the other it makes you totes unfazed when the blood of your enemies spills into your hands. Like peeing, but not quite. I have menstruated since 11 years old,and But Now, I know for me, personally, I get a sort of "period aura.

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nude women with their periods
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