Not showering after sex

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I used a condom for sex with a woman but it slipped in the final minutes. Taking a shower before and after sex Jul 26, 1. Should I wash out my vagina after sex? Independent association of hygiene, socioeconomic status, and circumcision with reduced risk of HIV infection among Kenyan men. And trying to douche or wash out the inside of the vagina only inclines you to things like yeast infections and vaginal imbalances more: Male post-coital penile cleansing and the risk of HIV-acquisition in rural Rakai district, Uganda However, this study of washing in circumcised men did find a benefit. FacebookTwitterRSS.

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I had sex with a friend, but no blood was involved in our fun.

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Taking a shower before and after sex

You not only don't need to try and wash inside your vagina with your fingers, that's a habit you should stop. So, it's always better not to mess with the inside of your vagina: You can't reduce that risk once it has occurred. However, the risk sounds minimal. I learned that the minimum time for HIV to be detected is weeks… what should I do?

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not showering after sex
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not showering after sex
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