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I love this image. I don't even recall what it as about. Smoothing support, breathable, four-way stretch undies for comfort during pregnancy. I have been fortunate to serve 30 families What does a good friend do? That Wise Ole Owl. Holds in your belly and hips after giving birth.

Great to wear alone or layer under other shirts.

'No boobs, bellies or butts': Missouri principal sorry for dress code speech

Well doula care is officially on hold. This morning I find myself with not quite enough time to start an assignment so I'm catching up on emails, follow up with clients, and enjoying a warm cup of coffee T-minus 2 days until I go without caffeine for a bit. I'm in a season of transition as I've started my journey towards becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. I'm writing to you this morning as I'm learning to respond more quickly to my body's outward signals that my spirit is being stirred. I remember attending my first childbirth education class with one of the Midwife students studying with my senior Midwife.

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