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To contact the team of moderators, write to moderator sputniknews. They are so tight, I always felt quite uncomfortable in them until now. Local musicians' songs land on Spotify charts". On my third hand, I really hate how this type of false advertising has completely fucked up my mind and made me question my own sexuality. See, I said "her" - I'm just so PC I can call a whacko, sexually confused young lad who's artificially pumped full of hormones a she just because he grew tits.

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Meet Transgender Girl Who Spent $18,000+ to Look Like Kim Kardashian (PHOTOS)

Please try again in a minute. You can change your cookie settings through your browser. If treatment was denied now and she was "forced" to live as a male and go through puberty, then she could go and blame the doctors just as much later probably more. Confirmation instructions have been sent to. Sex Change patients are usually the Wrong Person on the inside, shown through brain scans etc. It is the most prestigious pageant for transgender women.

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  1. she has 2 kids. she posts them on her snap occasionally so yeah that's definitely why her stomach looks like that

  2. Because your brain is not stupid and knows that real big tits will feed well your offspring, unlike plastic tits?