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A loss in a battle royal, but it was still a loss nonetheless. Alex Dolph Eve Kaitlyn Definitely an improvement than when Bo came up with his corny motivational stuff. Thinking quickly, Bo removed his tongue from Eva's pussy, licked his lips to show the diva his gratitude and so Eva would not be offended by the sudden pause. Cameron Josh Miz Naomi Despite the fact that Bo appeared to be a gentleman to the Total Divas star, Bo could not contain his urges for too long.

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As Bo would suck on Eva's nipples, his hands would drift from Eva's waist, to her ass, clenching her beautiful cheeks in his hands, as he could no longer restrain himself from his sexual desire. Stardust let out an erratic chuckle as he saw the wide-eyed expressions that Eva and Bo sported, not knowing how to react to the bizarre Superstar. Michelle Sheamus Undertaker It actually put a little smile on his face, a definite improvement from the miserable frown he sported just seconds ago. I may not be a champion, but I'm already making a name for myself; then again, I'm not the only one

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wwe jojo sucking eva marie boobs
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wwe jojo sucking eva marie boobs
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