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Now let's address the practicalities of how to apply the rod. Eli was the chief priest of Israel in the generation before King Saul. I'll put mine in their room too! I've noticed while with my nephew he's not afraid of the cars in the road running him over, he's afraid of being smacked again in front of his friends and his friends laughing at him--either way he hasn't run in the road and does the look both ways thing everytime. We both suffered greatly for it. Any bright child will figure out very quickly that the impliment is in the hand of the parent and that it is the parent that is inflicting the pain. I have seen the use of the rod, alongside Biblical teaching, and the Biblical, loving example of Godly parents, to be the means of raising Godly children.

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In Canada its allowed to spank but not under age 2 and not over age

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Spanking (Part 4): My Story

With an instrument of any sort like a PP said marks are more likely and longer lasting. Such a way of handling discipline is sure to tempt a child to despise his father. The sin of these priests was notorious. The solution offered in Scripture is the rod. In the rod we have a veritable means of grace, a measure that is part of what God uses to transform our children from rebellious offspring of Adam into obedient sons of God. I havta disagree wit the whole objects leave marks, anythin can leave marks an personnaly I've found my hands leave marks yet my wifes don't seem to, unfortuneately I feel I spank to hard if I use a hand so I use the spoon.

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spank me with a paint stick

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