Fear of penetration

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Here are some really solid tips for first-time vaginal penetration from sexuality educator Cory Silverberg: But while some people will never be able to experience pain-free vaginal penetrationpossibly due to underlying medical situations, issues related to gender confirmation surgeries, or past experiences with pain or sexual assault for cis women who are not coming from these places, the notion that pain is an expected part of penetration is really off base. A clear diagnosis is important in order to decide on the therapeutic path. But this emphasis, and a lot of what people think they know about the hymenis really off base. I've even had counselling for it, whilst I thought it was vaginismus, but I think it was jst me worrying about my awkwardness being a virgin at 20 and so wouldn't know what to do. The underlying cause is generally a fear that penetration will hurt. However, should the diagnosis emerge as vaginismus, gynecological intervention is essential, although prior CBT may be helpful as facilitation.

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This is due to the fact that women may not produce natural lubrication if anxious or in pain. Ensuring that the patient gets to the right specialist quickly promises a more effective and rapid treatment environment, depending on effective triage by the gynecologist at first examination. NHS Choices Vaginismus treatment. I'm a sickle cell patient and have lost my ability to develop an erection. Functional sexual pain disorders in women are a particular challenge to the gynecologist, inasmuch as phobic avoidance and guarding on the part of the patient lead to difficulties in the gynecological examination and diagnosis.

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fear of penetration
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fear of penetration
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