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As an example, I'm a woman who has been with her female partner for well over a decade, but I have dated men and women for most of my life. It's hard when you're trying to figure out what you're into and where you're at, but I encourage you to avoid getting hung up on labels. If you're looking for a girlfriend, I suggest you start hanging out in spaces where it assumed that the women would be interested -- not out in world at large. Commercials about warming lubricant run alongside ads for dish soap. And they may be far cooler and ready to handle it than you think. I see no reason to borrow trouble.

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This may be a one-off.

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Like Elizabeth Gilbert, I came out as a lesbian in my 40s

Sex in queer porn is IMO more realistic than sex in straight porn. There's nothing that you need know the answer to right now. But, boy, does it get way easier the th time you do it! It's given me the ability to make changes in my own way of thinking, making a big improvement in my other relationships. I just know some folks don't want or need to know that about me anymore than they want or need to know the details of my last trip to a toilet. If they do have different issues and can't help, then you don't have to go. You are just growing your identity around something new.

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bisexual women over 40
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bisexual women over 40
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