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They need to know if they are expected to test all or just part of the application, they need to know what to do if they test part x and they have no bug to report. I said you shouldn't worry about whether the other person is doing their job. This could be as simple as writing a short sentence to the person who reported the bug instead of merely selecting a status on a dropdown. Some of my coworkers become extremely emotional when they see a bug and would rather rant about the bug instead of reporting it. First, talk to your boss and understand why your boss is unwilling to use the ticketing system. I ask more specific questions and perhaps pay a visit to the user, and this is with a good bug reporting system. They paste a screenshot on an email and say "I found this problem".

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We have such an "alpha" user, and it's wonderful.

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Once Teased For Her Love Of Bugs, 8-Year-Old Co-Authors Scientific Paper

Picaridin also known as icaridin Protects for up to 8 hours Can be applied to skin or clothing Does not damage fabrics, surfaces or materials Considered more effective against flies than DEET IR Protects for up to 8 hours Can be applied to skin or clothing Can damage plastics source. They may then go to your manager and say that you're not fixing the bugs but you can then just reason with them there and it is likely that your manager will take your side and ask them to use the ticketing system. None of these address your boss also doesn't want to do this. As long as my code has no bugs, all is fair game. If you can't, then note that it was reported by so-and-so, and move on with your job. Now looking back at the first quote a question that pops into my head is who put your colleagues into the alpha test channel.

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